Developed by Program Instructors:
Mr. Robert Golumb
Dr. Ellen Margolin
Dr. Richard Hawkins
Dr. Anthony Pecorale

•  Can Talk Make Us Better
•  Cause and Effect Diagram
•  Closing the Achievement Gap 2
•  Conditions Requisite for Effective Leadership
•  Decision-Making Strategies
•  Defining Culture and Climate in Schools
•  Enhancing the Teaching and Learning Process
•  How to Identify a Problem
•  How to State a Problem
•  Leader Behavior in Schools
•  Managing Conflict in Today’s Schools
•  Nominal Group Technique
•  The Change Process
•  The Nature of Leadership Part 1 and 2
•  Theories Informing Leadership
•  Theories on Conflict
•  The Process Of Communication
•  The Social System

In addition to the items listed above the following is also recommended:

  1. Go to the following website: To start, from the drop-down list near the top of the page, select “Chapter 2…” of Reginald Green’s text Practicing the Art of Leadership. Then, take the on-line School Leaders Licensure Examination (left side navigation). If you get incorrect answers, review the correct response/answer, and when you have the opportunity, study the chapter’s PowerPoint presentations related to that area.
  2. After completing the sample test questions for Chapter 2, move on to Chapter 3 and so forth.
  3. When time permits, review the “Theories Chart” also available on the Prentice Hall web site.