Special Ed Courses

Non-Matriculated Special Ed Courses:

These courses are now online, due to the current climate. Take advantage of earning credits from the comfort of your home. If you would like to register, online, for our non-matriculated special education graduate courses, please click here:

Special Ed Courses

Individual Pathway information:

If you have Professional Certification, you can self-certify in Special Ed. Here’s how.

Individual Pathways are a means to NYS Public School Special Ed extension that allows teachers to take courses that meet requirements (foundations, methods, etc…), piece them together, and receive the extension.

St. Rose / CITE courses are a great way to pursue this pathway to special ed certification, but only if you are already professionally certified.

For those with Professional (“permanent”) certification, you may pursue your special ed extension through CITE special ed courses. Take the four courses appropriate to your grade level. Call us and we’ll assist you: 718-923-9333. You may also email Brian@citeonline.com

We offer affordable weekend (and summer weekday!) courses:

  • $745 for 3 graduate credits
  • 5 day courses offered on weekends and school vacations
  • Courses offered for guidance and special ed license extensions
  • Register now — classes are filling up!

CITE graduate courses include the DASA Certification, and Special Ed Courses, and are open for anyone to register. 

THESE COURSES ARE A GREAT WAY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WEEKENDS AND SUMMERS to earn graduate credits and get your Special Ed Extension through the Individual Pathway.

Convenient classes in all five boroughs and Long Island!

Click here for information on our graduate courses.

Which courses should you sign up for? 

It depends on grade level.

Give us a call! 718-923-9333