Professionally Certified Teachers, you can obtain your Bilingual Extension through the Individual Evaluation Pathway, with these 4 non-matriculated courses. These four courses fulfill the 12 credits required for the Individual Evaluation Pathway for Bilingual Certification.

These courses are now being offered online. Take advantage of this time to earn credits from your own home, through our online courses.

This pathway is for teachers only, not for pupil personnel services. This pathway is not for School Counselors.

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(NON-MATRIC) Courses Offered for bilingual individual evaluation pathway

EDU 500 Foundations of Bilingual Education, 3 credits

EDU 502 The Study of Language and Linguistics for Teachers of ELL Students, 3 credits

EDU 580 Methods of Teaching Native Language Arts and Content Areas, 3 credits

EDU 581 Methods of Teaching English Language Arts as a New Language, 3 credits

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Requirements for completing this Individual Evaluation Pathway

1. Existing Valid Base NYSED Certification

2. Content Core – Bilingual Education – 12 S.H. (Our 4 courses, register here)

3. College courses (By taking our 4 courses, you cover these 6 areas)

  • College Coursework – Theories of bilingual education
  • College Coursework – Multicultural Perspectives
  • College Coursework – Sociolinguistics or psycholinguistics
  • College Coursework – Teaching English to English language learners
  • College Coursework – Teaching native language arts to English language learners
  • College Coursework – Teaching content to English language learners using native language and English

4. Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA)

5. Workshops

  • Workshop – Child Abuse Identification
  • Workshop – School Violence Intervention and Prevention
  • Workshop – Dignity For All Students Act (Register here)

6. Fingerprint Clearance

7. You must be fluent in the language you’d like to be certified in.

8. You must be a teacher. This pathway is not for student personnel services.

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