Non-Matriculated Courses for Certification in Bilingual Education

Students may take the following 4 non-matriculated courses through the College of Saint Rose to achieve certification in Bilingual Education through the Individual Evaluation Pathway.  (Please Note: These courses do not meet the requirement for Bilingual PPS Certification.)  Please refer to the following chart:

  • EDU 500 – Foundations in Bilingual Education
  • EDU 502 – Study of Linguistics/Language Development in Teaching ELL
  • EDU 580 – Methods for Teaching Native Language in the Content Area
  • EDU 581 – Methods for Teaching English Language Arts as a New Language

Certification Requirement










These courses will be offered online through Summer 2020.  Each course costs $745, students are required to put down $195 Deposit in order to reserve your spot. Students can register here. 

Students who complete these four courses will be eligible for an additional classroom certificate in Bilingual Education through the individual evaluation pathway.   None of the courses are language specific, therefore these classes will work for individuals looking for certification in ANY language.   Students will choose the language of their certification when they take their required Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA).  Please visit for more information.

As with all Individual Evaluation Pathway Courses, students should always contact their district office (Long Island/Westchester schools) or the UFT/NYCDOE Certification Office to verify these courses work with their certification. Individual Evaluation Pathway certifications only work with valid, current certifications

Requirements for completing this Individual Evaluation Pathway

1. Existing Valid Base NYSED Certification

2. Content Core – Bilingual Education – 12 S.H. (Our 4 courses, register here)

4. Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA)

5. Workshops

  • Workshop – Child Abuse Identification
  • Workshop – School Violence Intervention and Prevention
  • Workshop – Dignity For All Students Act (Register here)

6. Fingerprint Clearance

7. You must be fluent in the language you’d like to be certified in.

8. You must be a teacher. This pathway is not for student personnel services.

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