Dr. Hawkins makes sure that his St. Rose Administration students take practical wisdom with them, when they graduate, to help in every-day situations. Graduates of the CITE/ St. Rose administration program (SBL and SDL) always mention how useful these maxims are once they’re in school leadership positions.

We started part 1 of this series in a previous post. Catch it here.

“I love the fact that the program can be done in less than 2 years and that I felt prepared for the job.”

– Meredith Broxmeyer, Assistant Principal of PS 191Q – The Mayflower School.

“The program prepared me for my current job by using theory based instruction and applying it to real world situations.”

– Brett Kearney assistant Principal, Lindenhurst High School

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Today we’re publishing the next 5 tips for principals, or other school administration.

Here are 5 more of Dr. Hawkins’ “tattoos,” which are educational leadership ideas so important that you should have them with you always, like a tattoo.

-If there is a void,

  • “If there is a void, someone will fill it”
    • For thought: Where are the voids in your school? How can you take control over how they’re filled?

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-Strong schools come from strong

  • “Strong schools come from strong communities.  If your school is weak, you need to build externally as well as internally!”
    • For thought: Where can you plug in to the community? Who can help? In what way can you strengthen your school community by connecting to the external community?

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  • “The way that you see things will start changing.”
    • Has this happened to you? It probably will. In what way do you see things differently now that you’re in a school leadership role?

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  • “Leaders lead people, not buildings.”
    • How are you dealing with people instead of buildings? What does that mean? In which situations does it matter most to deal with people?

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  • “Never confuse activity with results.”
    • A big one.

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How can you use these in your everyday leadership?

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