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  • Dr. Hawkins Congratulates Alumni

    Dr. Hawkins Congratulates Alumni

    CITE / St. Rose SBL alumni are landing some great jobs, and we’re very proud of them!  “It is wonderful to see how many St.Rose/CITE students are getting leadership positions. This […]

  • EAS Exam

    EAS Exam

    If you’re seeking any teaching certification, including SBL and SDL, you need to take the EAS Exam. You can register for test prep with us. Please call us at 516-221-2936 Recent […]

  • Alumni Success Kevin Colon’s Administrative Career

    Alumni Success Kevin Colon’s Administrative Career

    Kevin Colon is the Assistant Principal at East Side Middle School, and a CITE / College of St. Rose SBL graduate. Below, he shares insight from his administrative career, on […]

  • A Model of Communication

    A Model of Communication

    Leticia Rodriguez Rosario is the superintendent of District 9 in the Bronx.  She has 51 elementary and middle schools for which she is responsible. 8 of them are Renewal Schools, […]

  • Alumni Success in Hazlet